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Who We Are

Professional Accounting Services

Mr. Saleem Akhtar is highly qualified, possess versatile personally, having keen interest in legal, audit and taxation dynamics with deep passion. He started from bottom to top with smart and hard work towards the goals through mechanism of hard and professional struggle. In taxation masses he is well known pleader and contester before the legal forums boldly consuming strong grip on the issues. On the audit side he acts as 'watch dog not a blood hound', makes detection smartly through sample scrutiny and clue ensuing. Understanding of legislative intent' and interpretation of statute are splendid areas of his disposition. Planning, leading, organizing and controlling thecrew are his traits as team leader. Message of the Founder

Why PAS Tax Consultants

Our Mission

“PAS Consultants can help you with Tax Advisory and Compliance so you can get started sooner. Get in touch today so we can offer you personalized solution for your business. ”
Our Expert Team

Team Members

Talha Khan

Software Developer

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Muhammad Waseem

Director Technical

Muhammad Waseem is currently doing his PhD in Green Energy and has a history of working in various prestigious organizations. He has a deep knowledge of innovative design and solutions based on solar and renewable energy systems. Since 2011, he has been physically managing and supervising the design and installation of many solar-based green energy solutions all over the country. Inline with his educational and research work, Muhammad Waseem also connected globally and collaborated on several projects in Beijing on green energy solutions. He has a vision of boosting AES internationally by collaborating on new and innovative ideas.

Wilson Munawar


Wilson Munawar is a learned and thorough gentleman. His education, research and knowledge on solar energy solutions, being the part of AES create the difference with other players in Market. He completed his M.Phil in Grid Tie Solar system and his articles on Solar Energy published in International Journals. He also got International Scholarship for his PhD in high-energetic materials and won the international award for best researcher of the year 2018~2019. With over a decade of experience in Photovoltaic industry, Mr. Manzoor Sultan has privilege of installing several Mega-Watt solar Hybrid/On-grid/Off-grid/water pumps Solar systems solutions in various areas of Pakistan. His passion and mission is to make the whole Pakistan Green and illuminated.

Mian Shahbaz

Site Supervisor

Co-ordinates the daily operations of a worksite to ensure a high level of performance and compliance with health and safety guidelines.

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