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Tax services

Tax function role has gone miles ahead from managing and optimizing an organization’s tax impact and as tax advisor to managing the global tax exposure and as business advisor.Tax services is a specialized Tax law firm established in having multiple clients which includes offshore and domestic organizations, Business Firms and individuals. To get the prominent position in market we always focus on innovative, in time and valuable solutions for our clients because we understand the commercial atmosphere in which our clients dealing with complications. Effective and efficient tax services provide competitive advantage by lowering the tax and administrative costs yet keeping your business compliant with the tax laws and regulations. We have vast experience and knowledge about taxation in global as well as domestic perspective.Tax Services is not just a law firm it also becomes partner to its clients in getting opportunities, facing challenges and obstacles during the business phases. Tax Care is committed to provide creative, timely and practical solutions to its clients’ in Particular Tax matters.

Corporate Taxation

Understanding the tax impact on business operations and transactions in multiple jurisdictions is vital for a company’s survival. As Companies are expanding their business operations into new markets, the complexity of managing tax risks and complying with reporting requirements multiplies.With the increasing concentration on governance and regulation, tax compliance has become so important that compliance failure represents not only a financial risk financial penalties and possible increase in the tax liability, but may also cause a serious business risk, as it can damage the taxpayer’s reputation with the authorities and the public.For both domestic businesses and multi-national companies, compliance with an increasing number of tax laws, more corroborated and coordinated enforcement by tax authorities, and ongoing staffing constraints continue to be a challenge. To remain competitive, companies are increasingly aiming on their core competencies and activities that create value for the company rather than these ancillary matters, which can be handled from experts of their fields.Taxation Services in Pakistan an integrated tax services can help companies achieve their goal of high quality, lower-cost compliance. In addition, these give businesses enhanced visibility into more global information that may be useful to them in strategic decision-making.


Are you having problems finding the right payroll software or the right payroll solution. Every business faces these issues, be it big or small. That is where our payroll services come into the picture. Choosing effective Accountants in Pakistan for payroll service is a great way to streamline your payroll process and eliminate the need for an in-house payroll department. An effective payroll service takes care of all your payroll needs in line with payroll legislation. The Company has peace of mind knowing that all payroll needs are taken care off, be it dealing with Tax Services (paservices), filing returns on time or dealing with the pensions regulator.we will make sure that your Payroll is set up accurately while ensuring timely work and quality. We will also make sure that you understand how payroll works so that you can make key business decisions promptly.Payroll can be a challenge for any business, big or small. Regardless of how many employees you employ the process can get complicated if not done properly.You do not have to deal with ever-changing legislation by yourself, our payroll service will help you process payroll effectively and make sure you are always one step ahead of new legislation and requirements.

Tax Planning Services

You can give your business a real head-start and ensure that your financial planning is tax-efficient through effective tax planning. Clear House offer experienced tax accountants which can provide guidance on legally reducing your tax bill and can help you to navigate through the complicated tax system in a way that best suits you. Our tax accountants will be there to support you on important decisions throughout the year relating to your tax strategy so that at all times the most effective tax saving strategies are in place. Limited company profit extraction, Tax efficient remuneration to company directors, Reduction in personal tax Tax Services (paservices) Planning & Reduction of Estate, Capital Allowances, Research and Development Expenditure, Pensions.

Corporate Income Tax Planning

Tax Services (paservices) Professional Corporation is a full-service Corporate Tax Service provider based in Pakistan. We provide tax services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a home-based small business in Tax Services (paservices), a corporation operational in different provinces of Pakistan or a Corporation having a presence in different countries including thePakistan; we can help you ensure compliance with tax laws.We provide comprehensive corporate income tax planning for our clients. Best taxation services in Lahore bY planning different transactions, inflows, outflows and taking advantage of all possible credits, the corporate tax burden can be significantly lowered. We also help corporations and shareholders to plan both corporate and personal income taxes beforehand to optimize both corporate and personal tax burden.

Investigations and Disputes Tax

Receiving a phone call from Tax Services (paservices) informing you that your business is going to be investigated can seem like a daunting prospect. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as long as you make sure you have an experienced tax accountant to guide you through the process. Tax accountants at Clear House, with years of experience under their belts, know the ins and out of tax investigations and can give you clear instructions on the inquiry process, as well as offering support and advice during the investigation.Any business may face the possibility of a tax dispute, whether it be related to employment status disputes, valuation or settlement legislation to name but a few. With numerous tax accountants on board, here at Clear House, we have experience in representing clients on a wide range of disputes and in handling relations with Tax Services (paservices). Dealing with tax disputes can be a difficult time, but share the burden with us and we can offer advice and look into the dispute fully to make sure we find the best resolution for you.

Tax advisor services

Most people are confused about what exactly is included in tax advisor services. To put it, a tax & corporate consultant would use their strategic abilities to identify any potential deductions in tax-payers annual earnings. When a tax consultant advisor is hired, they guide you about the laws about tax on-call or face-to-face. They tell potential tax-payers all the details that they need to know and laws they need to abide.

  • Disputest tax services
  • Employee benefit disputes
  • Settlements legislation
  • segregation of businesses to avoid registration
  • Employment status disputes
  • Repairs vs capital disputes
  • Private usage adjustments
  • Valuations for tax purposes
  • Is it a trading activity
  • Payroll Services
  • Payroll mapping to Accounting Software
  • Payroll Payment Instruction Creation
  • Payrolling Benefits
  • Payroll Setup
  • End of Year Processes
  • Tax Investigations Services
  • Anti-investigation Scanning check
  • Minimizing Penalties
  • Defending against an Investigation

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