External Audit

External auditors provide many assurances and non-assurance services. Those services include an audit of financial statements, Professional Accounting Services (paservices) reporting, review financial statements, compiling financial statements, internal audit service, advisory services, Risks assurance, as well as corporate secretary. At Smart Solutions, we highlight the true and fair picture of the financial statements. We devote time to understand the client and their business.External audits happen frequently within an organization. Companies utilize their own hired talent to review the work of others or the overall validity of the company’s financial reporting. As the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners explains it. Through our affiliation to Professional Accounting Services (paservices) we are ideally placed to offer a truly global audit service. We also work with Pakistan entities within international paservices, working with overseas auditors to ensure compliance with Pakistan statutory requirements and also adherence to the group auditor’s work scope, instructions and all reporting deadlines.The internal audit function helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.Investigate your business’s financial state with the help of the best external auditors in thePakistan. External Audit Services we believe the ingredients of such a service will involve having an interest in your business and its success and this will be achieved by gaining a thorough understanding of your business; collecting input from partners and senior staff a team.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit professionals can work with you to understand your business strategy and its associated business drivers, and how that strategy is delivered through an appropriate operational business plan and process framework. Internal audit has always been one of the cornerstones of corporate governance. Recent events have increased its profile as Boards have become more aware of the importance of understanding risk and regulators are demanding improved control to protect customers. Your stakeholders will benefit from experienced independent professional evaluations and a review of the quality and effectiveness of the control environment within your organisation. In addition, Protiviti can conduct an independent review of an organization’s internal audit function; a requirement under standards from The Institute of Internal Auditors.The Internal Audit function is delivering on a broader set of expectations while strengthening its impact and influence. Professional Accounting Services (paservices) brings the full range of the network’s specialty skills and industry experience to bear to give our clients the confidence and insights they need as they execute.Just like a Professional Accounting Services (paservices) of its banks is unable to bring constructive reforms, similarly, a business can’t perform up to its limits without a sustainable approach. For large and small businesses alike, we design appropriate internal audit functions from conducting a thorough assessment of risk across the organization, to reporting findings to management, the board, and other stakeholders.Through innovative methods, advanced analytics, and labs.

Our Internal Audit services help departments not only deliver assurance, but also advise on critical business issues and anticipate risks.It is quintessential for businesses to periodically evaluate their efficiency of operations and analyze certain functionalities such as risk management, governance, and control.The best solution to this Professional Accounting Services (paservices)is internal audit services which are aimed at enriching values and making the organization’s operations efficient.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are advisory and other service activities include counsel, advice, facilitation, process design and limited training. The objective of consulting services is to add value in the development or modification of processes, procedures, and controls to minimize risk and achieve objectives. The nature and scope of particular consulting services are agreed upon with management. Internal Audit will not assume management’s responsibilities in order to maintain appropriate objectivity and independence.Access leading practices and subject matter professionals Professionals from areas such as IT, forensic, treasury, risk management, financial instruments, procurement, shared services, third-party contracting and tax are available. Help to identify the areas of highest risk within your organization and build a risk-based internal audit plan that ensure internal audit time and dollars are spent in the areas with the most impact. It can also identify best practice recommendations, note inconsistencies and identify areas of redundancy for streamlining.Access the right skills, in the right place, at the right time Sourcing provides the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. External Audit Services in Lahore Professional Accounting Services paservices firms’ can provide you with the specific skills you need on demand achieving a level of flexibility which can be critical in effectively dealing with a range of operational issues.

Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services team provide proactive planning and compliance services for owner managed businesses at any stage from commencement right though to cessation.By working with us you will receive a dedicated team of qualified specialists, chosen according to the particular advice required, who will manage your business affairs with a minimum of three points of contact.We deliver joined up Accounting, Tax, VAT, Strategic & Financial planning solutions to provide a bespoke client service for all our owner managed business clients across all different types of trade sectors. We will give you confidence that all your business & personal compliance needs are being met, and that the advice you receive will add value, both now and in the future.

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