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PAS providing Accounting Solutions for Professional Team work
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Professional Accounting Tax Services

1: We charge a fair price for the work we carry out.

2: We are friendly and have flexible approach.

3: Free up your precious time, to concentrate your efforts in to your work and family life.

4: We do not take up your time having meetings, if they are not necessary; we can deal with you over the phone.

5: You do not have to make an appointment to bring in your books.

6: We can talk to the Inland Revenue on your behalf.

7: After we have completed your accounts and returns, we will send them out to you, or you could pop in to the office.

8: We look to make you tax savings where possible.

9: Save you money by not employing a full-time member of staff, think of us as you remote Accounts and payroll and pension office department. We can also run your payroll on a weekly / monthly basis.

10: We will work with your current bookkeeper to help keep costs down or we can handle your bookkeeping.

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